Power invoice verification

Audit-proof and automated – benefits for you thanks to our power invoice verification!


Every company needs power – every day. This makes power a constant cost factor that is worth taking a closer look at. With our five service areas, we cover every aspect of power management and develop a holistic solution for your company through close cooperation. Are your power invoices correct? Has your consumption been invoiced correctly? How can errors in your power invoice be corrected? Our invoice verification service helps you find the answers to these questions.

We find every error

Did you know that every fifth power invoice is still incorrect, whether for electricity, gas, oil or district heating? Our experience has shown that. But most of the time, these errors are not detected. As a result, you may be spending more on your company’s power needs than you need to, and you may not meet compliance requirements. So if you want to optimise your company’s power costs, you also need transparency in your invoices. That’s why we check your power invoices and all their components particularly carefully for possible invoicing errors – regardless of whether they are classic paper or PDF invoices or electronic formats such as EDIFACT or ZUGFeRD.

Everything checked – completely automatically

However, we do not only rely on our extensive expertise, but also on our system-supported and automated invoice verification. We use efficient solutions to capture digital PDF invoices fully automatically using OCR processes and to check them immediately. In addition to errors in cost components (power prices, network charges, levies, taxes), we also find discrepancies in your power consumption. Shadow calculations prepared by us help us to determine the correct invoice value. Thus, incorrect power invoices quickly become a thing of the past. By the way: Our automated power invoice verification is not only 100 percent accurate, but will also pass all your audit inspections.

Errors eliminated

Of course, we not only find the errors in your power invoice; we also take care to correct them as quickly as possible within the scope of the complaint and to avoid them in the future. We will also immediately point out to you the potential for optimisation with regard to your ancillary power procurement costs. The rapid commercial clarification of the discrepancies identified by us is part of our holistic concept. Uncertainties in dealing with your electricity or gas invoicing are thus eliminated. Let us carry out the power invoice verification for you; this will not only save you additional time and effort, but will also bring you cost savings. In addition, we offer you an electronic overview of the audited receipts so that you can make bookings transparently and efficiently.


Commercial audit of all invoice components
Automated, electronic and audit-proof
In case of errors: Full-service complaint

Vincent Freigang

Head of Sales & Marketing

“Are you wondering why we understand our modular services as a coherent process? We are happy to explain our holistic approach to the energy management!”


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