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Every company needs power – every day. This makes power a constant cost factor that is worth taking a closer look at. With our five service areas, we cover every aspect of power management and develop a holistic solution for your company through close cooperation. What is behind the Smart Meter Rollout? How can you use smart metering systems sensibly? What are the advantages of meter operation for companies with several locations? Regardless of whether you are looking for recording performance measurement (RLM) or standard load profile (SLP) – our metering service area helps you find the answers to these questions.

Challenges of the Smart Meter Rollout for companies

Within the next few years, the new Metering Point Operation Act (MsbG) will require network operators to convert analogue electricity meters to so-called intelligent metering systems with smart meter gateway. The goal is continuous access to consumption data and thus increased transparency. For you as a company, however, this means one thing above all: higher costs by replacing your SLP electricity meters with new, intelligent measuring systems (iMSys). If your company covers several locations, the conversion is carried out without consultation and with a time delay. You need access to several portals of different network operators to access your consumption data. This is cumbersome and hardly allows you to benefit from the advantages of greater data transparency. Furthermore, you have to deal with many different contacts at the network operators.

Personalised and inexpensive: smart metering with Tengelmann Energie

As a competitive metering point operator, we supply you with your consumption values nationwide in a consistent manner via our EnerBoard portal. With us, you benefit from daily data transparency to optimise your electricity costs. You as a company, whether tenant or property owner, are free to choose your metering point operator (MSB) as well as your electricity supplier. With us, you will experience the positive aspects of smart metering and do not have to worry about changing your meter, because we are your contact for all questions. Our metering fees are consistent and more favourable, so you not only reduce your existing metering costs, but also benefit from planning security. So don’t wait until your electricity meters are converted by your basic metering point operators. With us, you can plan the procedure and timing of the conversion individually – just as it suits your company.

Everything from a single source

Via our EnerBoard portal, you can access your daily consumption values at any time. In addition, we offer you interfaces to your own power management systems so that you can process your consumption values as required. With EnerBoard, you also have the option of setting up a cloud-based, comprehensive power controlling system for consumption and costs (more here). In addition to electricity, we also offer you the measurement of other media such as gas, district heating and water in the form of main, sub or parallel measurements – contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


Installation and operation of measuring systems and sub-measurements nationwide
Tailored conversion to favourable measurement fees
Transparent and up-to-date consumption data transmission in EnerBoard

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