Holistic power monitoring – benefits for you with EnerBoard!


Every company needs power – every day. This makes power a constant cost factor that is worth taking a closer look at. With our five service areas, we cover every aspect of power management and develop a holistic solution for your company through close cooperation. How can you keep an intelligent eye on your company’s power consumption? What advantages does consumption monitoring offer you? How can EnerBoard help you? Our Monitoring service area helps you find the right answers to these questions.

Seize opportunities

If you have already installed metering systems, the first step has been taken to optimise your company’s power management. Because now you can not only keep an eye on your power costs, but also on your consumption. However, this alone is of little use to you if the data is presented in an unclear manner or does not suggest any specific options for action.

EnerBoard: more than just power monitoring

This is exactly where our software solution EnerBoard comes in. Your power consumption and costs are comprehensibly visualised on individual dashboards, so that you can identify savings potential and also reduce consumption. EnerBoard is particularly suitable for companies with many locations (multi sites) and offers you various analysis and evaluation tools to help you optimise your power management. In contrast to other systems, EnerBoard’s goal is to present power consumption and power costs in a holistic way. Therefore, EnerBoard not only works with remotely read meter readings, but also automatically processes read meter readings from various power sources (electricity, gas, district heating, oil, etc.). In addition, EnerBoard has an early warning system: set individual limit values and be notified when they are exceeded. But that’s not all: thanks to an intelligent algorithm, your company’s power consumption can even be viewed in the forecast and compared with planned and actual values. Because even in power controlling, foresight is better than hindsight.

Flexible system

Comprehensive functions and permanent availability in the cloud make EnerBoard an efficient power management system for companies in all industries. Thanks to flexible dashboard design options for different user groups, for example, commercial or technical presentation of data, EnerBoard can also be used by different business units or locations. You can also manage your power supply contracts in Purchasing or check your invoices in Accounting directly in EnerBoard. So you can be sure that you will not miss a thing in the future when managing your power data. In this way, your company’s power consumption can be reduced in the long term – and so can your power costs.


Holistic controlling of power costs and consumption
Identification of technical defects and savings potential
Cloud-based power management for businesses

The innovative online solution at a glance:

  • EnerBoard forms the basis for comprehensive and pioneering energy monitoring and controlling
  • Our innovative online solution maps all the energy-relevant data of your organisation across locations on a clear dashboard
  • Based on your data, we create detailed plans and valid forecasts
  • You receive a visually appealing overview of the planned/target/actual costs
  • You can use the analysis and early warning function to identify consumption deviations
  • You have the option of conveniently entering SLP meter readings via an online form or interface import
  • EnerBoard is an intelligent online tool to efficiently reduce the energy costs of your company

Vincent Freigang

Head of Sales & Marketing

“Are you wondering why we understand our modular services as a coherent process? We are happy to explain our holistic approach to the energy management!”


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