TEG concrete: Our contribution to environmental & climate protection

Our 2030 climate target: Reduce CO2 footprint by 75 percent

Since 2020, Tengelmann Energie GmbH has been recording its CO2e emissions annually on the basis of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. We successfully did this again for 2021 and were able to further reduce our CO2e emissions. Our contribution to the environment and climate protection: by 2030, we want to reduce our CO2 footprint by a total of 75 percent and have planned specific measures for this.

Our CO2 footprint

Since 2020, we have been collecting our CO2e emissions, i.e. our corporate carbon footprint, using the methodology and classification according to Scope 1, 2 and 3 based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

We distinguish between directly generated emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels (Scope 1), indirect emissions from procured energy such as electricity or district heating (Scope 2), and other indirect emissions, e.g. purchased goods, external logistics, business travel, water, wastewater, waste, or employee commuting to the office (Scope 3).

Our CO2 footprint for the year 2021

The following CO2e emissions result for Tengelmann Energie GmbH for the year 2022:.

In t CO2e



Changes in %

Scope 132,231,5+2
Scope 210,813,9-22
Scope 343,339,9+9

Our CO2 emissions in 2022 almost at the level of the previous year

Overall, our CO2 emissions have increased slightly (+1%). The shifts within Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions almost completely offset each other.

Development of CO2 emissions from 2020 to 2022

Our CO2 savings in detail

Scope 1

Due to a slight increase in gasoline consumption, our Scope 1 emissions rose slightly. In contrast, CO2 emissions have more than halved due to diesel consumption.

Scope 2

Due to the now smaller office space and the mild winter of 2022/23, we were able to reduce our Scope 2 emissions by using less heating. In addition, we purchase almost exclusively green electricity for our hybrid vehicles and also for our office. Overall, we have emitted more than 20 percent less CO2 emissions as a result.

Scope 3

The increase in Scope 3 emissions is due in particular to the fact that our employees‘ commuting behavior has returned to normal following the pandemic. However, thanks to our agreement that our employees can work in their home offices for up to three days, we do not expect this figure to increase further.

As in the previous year, we had our carbon footprint verified by an independent environmental auditor.

Our climate targets for 2030

Overall, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by 75 percent by 2030. The year 2020 serves as the basis.

We aim to reduce CO2 emissions from electricity, heat and consumption by our company fleet (Scope 1 and Scope 2) by 85 percent. We have set ourselves a target of minus 60 percent for indirect Scope 3 emissions.

Our measures to achieve the climate targets

Parkplatz in grüner Farbe mit Symbol für Elektroauto

100 % electric cars

Our company fleet is to be completely converted to electrically powered vehicles. In this context, it is of course also important that only green electricity is used to operate the vehicles. We also want to ensure this as part of our objective.

Heizung mit Hand zur Symbolisierung effizientes Heizen

Efficient heating and ventilation

To achieve further savings effects, the heat for our office spaces is to be used more efficiently.

Züge am Hauptbahnof

Use of public transport and/or bicycle

For business trips, rail and public transport are our preferred means of transport. E-cars should also be used wherever possible when renting cars.

CO2-Workshop der Tengelmann Energie GmbH

Support for employees

In order to also reduce CO2 emissions during mobile working, i.e. „within the four walls“ of our employees and during commuting, we have initiated a TEG internal CO2 workshop. The aim of this workshop is to develop concrete measures with TEG colleagues and to provide them with the best possible, targeted support.

Corporate Responsibility

Bild der Tengelmann Energie Mitarbeiter

For our customers, we are a strong and reliable partner in the area of climate protection and sustainability. But we also take responsibility within Tengelmann Energie GmbH and are committed to the sustainable use of energy. Tengelmann Energie GmbH is committed to the environment, employees and society every day.

Reduce your carbon footprint, too.

We are the first point of contact for multi-site companies when it comes to sustainable energy management. Together we determine your CO2 footprint and define measures to reduce your CO2 emissions. Start your CO2-neutral future with us.

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