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Many companies already rely on our solutions

Many renowned companies have already chosen Tengelmann Energie as their energy service provider. We are proud to have found an individual solution for each company and its different requirements.

Companies that already trust us

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Our success stories in detail

Energy efficiency was increased through new metering point operation and the use of energy management software.

Thalia GmbH has been Germany’s largest bookstore chain since its merger with Mayersche Buchhandlung in 2019. It operates numerous bookstore branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Since 2021, Tengelmann Energie GmbH has been supporting the bookstore chain from Hagen in the conversion of around 450 electricity meters. To better analyze the extensive energy data, the EnerBoard is used in the cooperation.

Read here how this saved costs and enabled cost guzzlers to be identified at an early stage.

Metering point operation ensures transparency

With the retailer dm-drogerie markt, we have already been able to convince the largest European drugstore chain of our services. By equipping selected stores with our intelligent measurement technology, we were able to precisely identify and analyze fluctuations in consumption.

After the initial conversion phase, the conversion of over 200 stores began in 2013, bringing dm-drogerie markt a big step closer to its sustainable management goals.

Energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1: Increase energy efficiency and achieve climate protection goals

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We supported the company Glatthaar Keller GmbH & Co. KG in the course of the implementation of an energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1 to identify savings potentials in energy consumption. The goal was to optimize the overall energy consumption.

We conducted the energy audit for 5 different sites. We used the multi-site method to reduce the effort and thus save costs. The company Glatthaar Keller GmbH & Co. KG always had a permanent contact person at our company during the 7 phases of the energy audit. The crowning glory was the audit report, in which concrete measures for savings were listed. Thus, nothing more stood in the way of reducing the total energy consumption.

The digitization of energy data and processes with EnerBoard

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In 2018, VERAVIS GmbH started with us on the path to digitalization of energy data and wanted to say goodbye to their previous Excel lists in order to establish a uniform energy management system.

With the implementation of our energy controlling software EnerBoard, we were able to support the exciting project from A like agreements to Z like meter readings. We faced the special challenge of integrating and mapping the consumption of all measuring points, including the filling levels of gas tanks, etc., in our existing software. The implementation of EnerBoard set the course for the future and EnerBoard now forms the basis for further process optimization within the company.

Fully automated electronic invoice verification for multi-site customers

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The company KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH, with more than 4,100 stores in Europe and more than 28,000 employees across Europe, commissioned us with the fully automated and electronic invoice verification of energy invoices. Due to the high number of individual stores and the resulting high number of energy invoices, an enormous administrative effort was created, which was to be minimized by the fully automated and electronic invoice verification.

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