Fully automated electronic invoice verification for multi-site customers

The company KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH, with more than 4,100 stores in Europe and more than 28,000 employees across Europe, commissioned us with the fully automated and electronic invoice verification of energy invoices. Due to the high number of individual stores and the resulting high number of energy invoices, an enormous administrative effort was created, which was to be minimized by the fully automated and electronic invoice verification.

We were allowed to accompany this exciting project, because an automated invoice verification process is particularly worthwhile for multi-site companies, in order to significantly save effort and thus costs.

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Full auditing of energy bills

Multi-site companies in particular receive a number of energy bills from energy suppliers and network operators. It is difficult to keep track of them all. Our experience shows that many energy bills are incorrect and therefore cause more costs than necessary. The invoices from the various network operators are also not uniform and often unclear, thus causing an enormous amount of administrative work in order to maintain an overview here.

Since KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH with its countless stores is located all over Europe, it receives a high number of energy invoices for the different stores. We took over the fully automated, electronic and audit-proof invoice verification for the company, so that in the end a detailed overview of the costs was created and thus the energy costs could be optimized.


Invoice auditing – we find every error

In order to maintain the transparency of the energy invoices for KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH, we checked all components of the energy invoices, especially for possible billing errors. In doing so, we not only used the many years of expertise of our energy experts, but also relied on our system-supported, digital and automated invoice verification.

Using OCR processes, PDF invoices are captured fully automatically and checked directly. In addition to errors in the cost components (energy prices, network charges, apportionments and taxes), we can also identify discrepancies in energy consumption. This prevented the customer from incurring incorrect costs.

To keep the effort for the customer low, the format of the energy bills does not matter. No matter if classic paper or PDF invoices or electronic formats like EDIFACT or ZUGFeRD – everything is possible.


Complaint handling – we take care of it

Our work does not stop with faulty energy invoices either. In order to keep the administrative effort for the customer low, we take over the commercial complaint handling. This eliminates uncertainties for the customer in dealing with energy bills and avoids incorrect costs.


Invoice verification – digital, automated and audit-proof

With digital, automated and audit-proof invoice verification, we were able to save the customer all the effort involved in documenting and archiving all energy invoices, administering or entering the data and checking the sources of errors. In addition, the customer receives an electronic overview of the audited documents so that bookings can be made transparently and efficiently. In this way, workload and costs could be saved for the customer.

Do you also need support in auditing your energy bills?

We can take over the electronic, digital invoice verification for you. Multi-site companies in particular can save high costs and minimize their workload. Let us advise you without obligation.

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