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Every company causes greenhouse gas emissions (in tons of CO2e). However, most companies are not aware of where exactly the emissions occur and how they can be avoided. We are experts in the topic of climate neutrality and sustainability for companies. With us, you have a competent partner at your side who will guide you through the transformation to a sustainable company in just three simple steps and show you tips for avoiding and offsetting CO2e emissions.

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What does climate neutral mean? What is a climate neutral company? What is a corporate carbon footprint? How can my company avoid emissions? How costly is the path to climate neutrality for my company? Together we will find the right answers to these questions.

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What is a climate-neutral company?

This term refers to the complete avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions (in tons of CO2e) caused by the company. In order to assess climate neutrality, it is therefore essential for companies to draw up a Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), which balances the CO2e emissions caused.

We have also balanced our emissions and classified them into the individual scopes in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol).

Scope 1-3 classification for Tengelmann Energie
Our distribution of CO2e in tons for the year 2020 after application of the GHG Protocol.
Our distribution of CO2e in tons for the year 2020 after application of the GHG Protocol.

Why should my company become climate neutral?

However, customers have also become more aware of the need to use energy more efficiently and sustainably. Companies are therefore obliged to learn how to use energy and other resources sustainably and to position themselves responsibly. This is the first step towards a climate-neutral company.

But also economic aspects speak for companies to deal with their energy consumption and the topic of sustainability. By creating a corporate carbon footprint, the company-wide greenhouse gas emissions can be balanced and concrete savings measures can be derived.

Goal: Avoid emissions

Nowadays, measures can already be taken to reduce or avoid some emissions. However, most companies still have a proportion of unavoidable emissions. In the future, the share of unavoidable emissions will decrease as the use of resources and technology changes.

What are the advantages of a climate-neutral company?

Erneuerbare Energien
  • Competitive advantage as a climate-neutral company
  • Customers demand a climate-friendly sense of responsibility
  • Awareness of sustainable use of resources increases
  • Cost savings through avoidance of emissions
  • Economic advantages through in-house generation such as photovoltaics

Climate neutrality, but how?

In order to achieve climate neutrality even today, companies compensate for their own residual emissions via external or global climate protection or offset projects. By supporting these projects, emissions are reduced to the same extent as the company has unavoidable emissions. To ensure the credibility and sustainability of these projects, suppliers rely on a high level of transparency and external certification.

Just three steps to a climate-neutral company


Emissions balance

To begin with, we create a Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) by identifying the sources of your emissions and assigning them to the corresponding Scopes 1 to 3. Furthermore, we calculate the quantities of tons of CO2 equivalents (CO2e for short) and balance these over the course of the year.


Avoidance & reduction

In a second step, we work with you to develop a roadmap for avoiding and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, we propose suitable measures and support you in their implementation. The primary goal is to limit the amount of unavoidable CO2e emissions as much as possible and to establish economically viable solutions for avoidable emissions.

Kompensation übriggebliebener unvermeidbarer Emissionen


Finally, we take care of the compensation of the remaining unavoidable emissions for you. In doing so, we discuss with you sensible climate protection projects and possible certifications that are in line with your views on sustainability and credibility.

Companies that already trust us

We also set a good example

As a climate-neutral company, we also set a good example and offer you our support in implementing your project. We would like to show you how emissions are accounted for, avoided, reduced and compensated. Our climate neutrality certificate transparently shows you all relevant information about our project.

Urkunde Klimaneutrales Unternehmen

Our approach to holistic energy management

We would like to establish energy management as a transparent and holistic process in your company. In this way, we can work together to reduce your energy costs and consumption efficiently and sustainably with the help of suitable solutions.


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