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Every company needs power – every day. This makes power a constant cost factor that is worth taking a closer look at. With our five service areas, we cover every aspect of power management and develop a holistic solution for your company through close cooperation. How do you design the tendering of your power quantities? Which procurement model is most suitable? At what times should power be purchased? What should the power supply contract consider in detail? Our Purchasing service area helps you to find the right answers to these questions.

We find the right procurement strategy and the right power supplier

At the beginning of successful power management is the purchase of power for electricity, gas, oil or district heating. The market for power procurement appears confusing and can quickly become complex. With us, you have a reliable partner at your side and, despite the numerous possibilities, you can be sure to find the optimal procedure for your company’s electricity and gas purchasing. To do this, we first determine your requirements. Then we work with you to determine the procurement strategy that is right for your company. Within our tenders, our team of experts compares and analyses suppliers and prices of electricity and gas to identify the optimal power supplier. Our many years of experience and expertise in the power market are of great benefit here.

The time of purchase is decisive

Depending on the respective market situation, we determine suitable purchasing times in order to procure your quantities from your power supplier at favourable prices. Price fluctuations on the stock exchange have the greatest impact on the power price today. If it is more lucrative for your company to cover the power demand in partial quantities at different times, we will arrange your power purchase according to the tranche model. Or is it better to purchase the power quantities via key date procurement? In each of these cases, we offer you the expertise to reduce your power costs in purchasing. If your company is not large enough to carry out tranche purchasing, our power pooling service is the ideal solution: Here, we bundle the power quantities of our customers and procure them flexibly at several points in time in order to achieve price advantages on the one hand and risk minimisation for you on the other.

Full commitment for your sustainable power procurement

But our service for you does not stop there: In addition to tendering, negotiation and procurement, we also take care of the processing and subsequent compliance with the negotiated supply contracts. In this way, we achieve well thought-out, tailor-made power purchasing for your company, which ensures stable cost optimisation. By the way, we also advise you on the sustainability of power procurement and the associated CO2 reduction through the use of renewable power sources.


Cost optimisation by comparing prices and service components
Risk minimisation by means of customised procurement strategy
Planning reliability and supplier control

Vincent Freigang

Head of Sales & Marketing

“Are you wondering why we understand our modular services as a coherent process? We are happy to explain our holistic approach to the energy management!”


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