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In 2018, VERAVIS GmbH started with us on the path to digitalization of energy data and wanted to say goodbye to their previous Excel lists in order to establish a uniform energy management system.

With the implementation of our energy controlling software EnerBoard, we were able to support the exciting project from A like agreements to Z like meter readings. We faced the special challenge of integrating and mapping the consumption of all measuring points, including the filling levels of gas tanks, etc., in our existing software.

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Automated data acquisition using smart meters

The basis for automated data collection is the installation of smart meters. These communicate automatically with the energy controlling software EnerBoard and thus provide the system with daily updated data, nationwide.

Here, too, we took care of all the necessary formalities. From registering the meter change with the network operator and coordinating the installation date to the smooth installation of the meters on site.


Innovative instead of conservative: With our energy controlling software EnerBoard all data at a glance

Excel áde and here with our energy controlling software EnerBoard. We have thus given the customer a new tool with which all energy data and processes can be clearly and concisely mapped. Thanks to the cloud, they are even available anytime and anywhere. For example, suitable reports or dashboards can be created in no time at all. But don’t worry about data theft – we guarantee a high level of data security.


Individual technical customizations: No problem for us

Thanks to our internal development team, we can implement special programming with links. During the project, with the support of an external scrum master, individual customer requests could be implemented in sprints in an agile manner. This ensured an efficient implementation of the system.

But even after the implementation, we continue to take care of server maintenance and technical adjustments as needed, so that our customers can keep their minds free for their core business.


Master data integration: We take care

So how did the data get into the system? Quite simply – through us. We took care of importing the metering points. This included not only the classic electricity meters, where consumption is automatically imported into the system, thanks in part to smart metering devices, but also the fill levels of gas tanks, for example, had to be mapped in EnerBoard.

Thus, by the end of 2019, we were able to import about 800 metering points. By the end of 2020, as many as 2,000 measuring points had been integrated into the system.


EnerBoard: The basis for further process optimization in the company

But this is not where the success story ends, because we will continue to be available to VERAVIS GmbH as a partner in the area of auditing and sustainability in the future. Because with the implementation of EnerBoard, the company has created the starting signal for a digital world of energy data, with which synergies also arise for other company areas and processes.

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Do you also want to make your energy data and processes digitally available?

Our energy controlling software EnerBoard supports you in the visualization of your energy data and effective energy management so that you can achieve your climate targets.

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    Vollautomatische elektronische Rechnungsprüfung für Multi-Site-Kunden
    Energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1: Increase energy efficiency and achieve climate protection goals